The Align Risk Solutions Process

The team at Align Risk Solutions has created a thorough & efficient process to help organizations of all sizes to determine the viability & benefits of a captive insurance company.


Initial Review

We start with an assessment of your company – your needs, your goals, your current risk management program. We listen to what you want, gain a good understanding of your company and culture and discuss how a captive insurance company can benefit you.

We then work with our team of captive experts to determine if a captive is a viable solution for your organization. We come back to you with a summary of our findings, which helps you understand how a captive insurance company would work for you and gives you the knowledge to take the next step.


In-Depth Feasibility Report: Captive Design

When your organization is ready to move forward, we do an in-depth review and report that details your existing insurance program and how captive insurance coverage would be integrated.

We walk you through the potential lines of insurance and coverage, explain how the captive will meet your requirements for risk distribution and risk shifting, and outline the anticipated cost of formation and ongoing expenses.


Formation and Licensure

Once all parties agree to proceed, Align Risk Solutions leads the formation and licensure process. Our captive services team will complete the application process, coordinate and compile work prepared by additional service providers and serve as liaison with regulatory authorities.